a man and woman walking in the woods

Long Walks Are A Lost Art

After relocating from busy, bustling Chicago to sprawling Atlanta, I quickly noticed a major difference. In Chicago, once you inside the Loop, you walked to wherever you were going. But people in Atlanta drive everywhere, even for a short trip around the corner to grab lunch! One day, I found myself hopping in my car, driving to a food truck just one block away, and then driving back to the office. It made me realize how reliant we've become on convenience and technology, forgetting the art (and joy) of a long walk. But what does that have to do with marriage?

Taking a long walk as a couple has numerous positive benefits, especially for your marriage. (1) It provides both partners with a healthy dose of exercise, promoting longevity and good health. (2) Walking together also fosters open communication and intimacy, while you share thoughts and emotions. (3) It's an opportunity to strengthen your bond physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Additionally, walking with your spouse allows you to be more aware of what's happening in your relationship. It's just like Lauren and Tony Dungy, authors of Uncommon Marriage, who take long walks to stay connected, you can use this time to discuss both significant and trivial matters that impact your lives together. Walking in a relaxed setting helps break down walls and encourages a healthy dialogue, enabling you to truly understand each other.

Maybe the greatest benefit of taking a walk with your spouse is the chance to dream together. As you stroll side by side, you can share your aspirations, creative ideas, and adventurous dreams for the future. It allows you to tap into your imagination and rediscover the joy of dreaming. Imagine taking on a childlike, carefree attitude and asking the questions: "what if?" and "what else?" Enjoying a long walk together with your spouse helps you to imagine again. Remember what it feels like to imagine? Remember what it feels like to dream?

So why not give it a try? Make a date with your spouse this weekend to take a long walk together, even if it's just for 30 minutes. Leave distractions behind and you'll be amazed at the connection and joy that can come from this simple act and, see just where the Lord takes you.