Premarital Coaching


Prepare-Enrich assessment model

The Joy of Marriage utilizes the Prepare-Enrich assessment model. We offer couples a wonderful opportunity to prepare for a strong, enduring, and Joyful marriage. This method is specifically designed to guide engaged couples through a comprehensive and structured process of exploration, discussion, and growth, ensuring they enter their marriage with a solid foundation and realistic expectations. Couples can expect:

  • Thorough Relationship Assessment: Couples engage in a comprehensive assessment to uncover their strengths, growth areas, and potential areas of conflict, providing a well-rounded understanding of their dynamics.
  • Tailored Coaching Sessions: Based on assessment results, couples receive personalized coaching sessions that address their unique needs, aspirations, and concerns.
  • Effective Communication Building: Coaching emphasizes cultivating open and effective communication, enabling couples to express their thoughts, feelings, and expectations openly.
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques: Couples learn valuable conflict resolution strategies, equipping them with the skills to manage disagreements and challenges constructively.
  • Shared Goal Setting: The coaching method encourages couples to set shared goals and expectations, fostering alignment and a sense of partnership as they embark on their marital journey.

Premarital Coaching

The Joy of Marriage pre-marital coaching services empower couples to not only identify and address potential areas of concern but also to build a strong, resilient, and harmonious foundation that will serve as a solid basis for a fulfilling and lasting marriage.